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Thursday, April 01, 2004

I noticed someone from Lynch, Gilardi & Grummer ( has been visiting my site? you have any questions? I can help you wilth?

or if any one knows anything about American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), and why they would be spending so much timeon my blog... please email me and let me know...


Town clerk said gay marriage licensing could go forth
State Legislators paved the way for a ban on gay marriage this week, even though gay couples, under a previous decision, were supposed to be able to legally tie the knot in Massachusetts as of May 17.

Norwell Town Clerk Jan Lawson said it's time for some definite answers, as those in her position are required to take a training session on gay marriage licensing prior to May 17.


N.M. high court extends stay on issuance of marriage licenses
The New Mexico supreme court has extended a stay on the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples, halting a county clerk's plan to begin issuing those licenses beginning Friday, but her lawyer said the clerk may proceed as soon as a judge can be found. Without elaborating, the high court unanimously ruled on Wednesday that the temporary restraining order would remain in effect until a state district court could rule on the merits of the case. Both sides said they were pleased with the court's decision. "In essence, the relief I sought has been granted. It means the case will proceed in an orderly fashion," Attorney General Patricia Madrid said, adding that whatever decision is made probably will be appealed.


Survivor’ Hatch testifies at gay-marriage hearing
Jim Baron
PROVIDENCE -- After listening for more than three and a half hours to earnest advocates on both sides of the gay marriage debate, the House Judiciary Committee heard from a Survivor.


Judge Consolidates Some Gay Marriage Lawsuits
The PIXPage Staff
A San Francisco judge consolidated two gay marriage lawsuits pending in California Thursday. State Attorney General Bill Lockyer had proposed grouping all five court challenges to eliminate conflicting rulings. Lockyer also had asked to stay two of the suits that were not already put on hold until the California Supreme Court decides the issue. However, the judge declined to rule on either request.

French mayors ready to perform same-sex marriages
By Kerstin Gehmlich
PARIS (Reuters) - Gay couples in France may be able to tie the knot for the first time this spring after several French mayors said on Thursday they would be ready to conduct same-sex marriages in their city halls.


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