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Friday, April 02, 2004

Occupancy changes would give 'domestic partners' equal rights
By Caron Schwartz Ellis
News Story originally published in Boulder County Business Report, Apr. 02, 2004
BOULDER -- For a city that historically has tried to limit the number of unrelated people sharing a home, proposed changes to Boulder's housing occupancy rules actually could increase the number of people living together.
According to a preliminary draft of a city council agenda item to be discussed in April, a motion has been made to amend Boulder's land use regulations in two ways. The first would make the code "marriage neutral" by acknowledging other forms of domestic relationships, such as two gay people living together as a couple.


Romney admits gay-union stay may be longshot
LITTLETON Gov. Mitt Romney said his administration will continue to seek ways to hold off on allowing homosexual marriage, but did not detail his options or hold out strong hope that he could delay issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The Supreme Judicial Court mandated last year that town and city clerks give marriage licenses to gay couples beginning May 17. Earlier this week, Romney asked Attorney General Thomas Reilly to seek a stay from the court.


Saudi Gov't Lifts Gay Web Ban
by Newscenter Staff
(London) -The government of Saudi Arabia has lifted a ban on two gay news websites following the intervention of Reporters Without Borders, an international organization for freedom of the press.


Methodist group asks for review of lesbian pastor's acquittal
A group of United Methodist Church members who oppose the acquittal of a lesbian pastor at a March church trial want church leaders to take action at an upcoming national meeting. Good News, which represents evangelical Methodists, is asking for a review by the judicial council, the denomination's top court, of the church trial and verdict in the case of the Reverend Karen Dammann. Good News also wants changes that would "close loopholes" in judicial proceedings.


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