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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Activists in gay marriage issue already preparing for elections
Associated Press Writer
BOSTON- Gay-rights supporters are training activists to become door-to-door warriors. Conservatives are planning a legislative guide for voters. Both sides are already gearing up for fall legislative elections where they hope to gain ground in their fight over a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.


Same sex - same rights
New Civil Partnership Bill heralds a major financial breakthrough for gay and lesbian couples. Mary O'Hara reports
The Guardian
Following a long campaign, gay and lesbian couples are finally to get rights similar to their married counterparts. Among the many measures laid out this week in the government's landmark Civil Partnership Bill were radical changes to key financial issues including rights on state benefits, inheritance and tenancy.


Battle lines drawn on gay marriage
The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionBoth sides in Georgia's gay marriage battle began plotting their next moves Thursday, one day after the state Legislature approved a Nov. 2 referendum to let voters decide on a proposed constitutional ban on same-sex unions.


Groups discuss Bible, gays
Speakers say passages open to interpretation
By Javier Erik Olvera, Rocky Mountain News
As the debate over gay issues ripples across the nation - pitting young and old, conservative and liberal - local organizations gathered Tuesday to talk about religion. More specifically, they met to discuss passages about homosexuality in the Bible and to determine if someone who is gay can also be religious.


The fallacy of the 'anybody but Bush' movement
By Fred Goldstein
All those gripped by the "anybody but Bush" fever should pause to reflect on the actual situation, stripped of fraudulent hype and false hopes.
To be sure, the Bush administration is one of the most reactionary regimes in recent years. Under the false slogan of the "war against terrorism," Bush has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq; expanded U.S. military bases in Central Asia, sent troops to the Philippines, Yemen, Africa and now Haiti; and given the Sharon government the go-ahead to step up its aggression against the Palestinian national movement. Bush pushed passage of the Patriot Act and engaged in wide-ranging repression against peoples of the Middle East and south Asia. Bush has threatened Iran, Syria, North Korea and Cuba. This is only a partial list.


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