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Monday, March 29, 2004

they should be ashamed for creating a seperate but equal class.. wee now need to take to the street and end this crap...

How legislators voted on revised gay marriage amendment
By The Associated Press

How Massachusetts state lawmakers voted Monday on a revised constitutional amendment, offered by Senate leaders, that asks voters to ban gay marriage, legalize civil unions, and make it clear that civil unions would not grant federal benefits to gay couples.

The amendment, which was approved on a 116-81 vote, reads:

"The unified purpose of this Article is both to define the institution of civil marriage and to establish civil unions to provide same-sex persons with entirely the same benefits, protections, rights, privileges and obligations as are afforded to married persons, while recognizing that under present federal law same-sex pers


Ireland To Recognize Gay Unions
By Malcolm Thornberry

(Dublin) Legislation will be introduced in the Irish Senate that would grant same-sex couples the same rights in law as married heterosexuals. The bill is sponsored by the only gay member of the Senate, David Norris. Norris says it is the highlight of his 20 year career in the upper chamber


Same-Sex Civil Unions on the Way in UK


Albany refuses licenses for same-sex marriages
City clerk rejects request by two couples married Saturday at Unitarian church
By BRIAN NEARING , Staff writer
In a face-to-face encounter, City Clerk John Marsolais refused this morning to issue marriage licenses to two same-sex couples who were married over the weekend by a Unitarian minister


West Hollywood mayor, partner enter domestic partnership
(West Hollywood-AP) --
The openly gay mayor of West Hollywood and his partner have entered a domestic partnership.


Quotes from Legislature's debate on gay marriage
By Associated Press
Monday, March 29, 2004
Some quotes from Monday's debate on a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage while allowing for civil unions:


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