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Sunday, March 14, 2004

these are scary times...

Heath suspended for a month
Michael Heath must step down as head of the Christian Civic League of Maine for one month for his attempt to solicit information about which state lawmakers and officials might be homosexual.


The rise of abstinence

Religious, anti-abortion groups among the winners as program funding increases


Conn. eyes Mass. fight on gay marriage


Oregon justices in recent times have viewed the constitution as expanding on federal rights, a pattern some expect to continue
Attorney General Hardy Myers stepped into the biggest spotlight of his career Friday and softly but firmly issued a prophecy.No longer, he said, would gays and lesbians in Oregon be prohibited from the same marriage benefits that heterosexuals enjoy. As with all prophecies, change is not in the present but in the future, which is why Myers, widely regarded as a scrupulously cautious attorney, said the state's current law still prohibits same-sex marriage. But, he predicted, it wouldn't withstand the scrutiny of the Oregon Supreme Court or the Oregon Constitution.
Myers is not alone. The chief lawyers for the Oregon Legislature and Multnomah County have come to roughly the same conclusion: Oregon almost certainly will become the third state in the country to provide constitutional equal protection to gays and lesbians.


State's marriage ruling ends nine-day race for answers
The attorney general and his staff describe how a call from the governor sent them on a legal marathon


Gay Marriage Debated on New York TV


Escalating fight rivets, divides nation
Both sides claim the advantage as watershed issue engulfs politics and personalities
Carolyn Lochhead, Chronicle Washington Bureau Sunday, March 14, 2004
Washington -- Despite a setback for same-sex marriage advocates in the California Supreme Court last week, proponents and opponents agree the events of the past month will prove a watershed in a movement that began about three decades ago.


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