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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Be tolerant, let gays marry
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Homosexual marriage is a church/state issue. The civil aspect of marriage is straightforward contract law; gender need not enter into it. "Civil unions" address this handily and should be available to everyone, regardless of their


Sebastopol to support gay marriage
Saturday, March 13, 2004
SEBASTOPOL -- Sebastopol may become the first Sonoma County city to voice its support for same-sex marriages.


Gay rights advocates consider cautious campaign
Journal Staff
ITHACA --The fight for same-sex marriage rights could take many forms, but many within the gay community recognize that fight could have as much to do with winning over the hearts and minds of straight people as it does with legal battles.

"We need allies and supporters to be active for us," said Pat Pryor, a former city alderwoman and member of the Ithaca Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Task Force.

Portland can keep marrying gays State's attorney general refuses to try to stop the ceremonies


'Nyack 10' files lawsuit to legalize gay weddings
Saturday, March 13, 2004
By Jim Fitzgerald
Associated Press writer
NEW CITY, N.Y. - The mayor of Nyack, his partner and nine other same-sex couples filed a lawsuit yesterday against the state and the town clerk who denied them marriage licenses.
. Dubbed the "Nyack 10" by their lawyer, Norman Siegel, the couples alleged that New York's marriage laws are gender-neutral and therefore allow for same-sex marriage. They also claimed that the denial of marriage licenses unconstitutionally discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation.


come on amerika.. why are you not out in the streets.. stop this now..

Senate passes same-sex marriage amendment
WISCONSIN:The bill, which already passed the Assembly, must be passed by lawmakers a second time before going to voters in a referendum.


The 11th Commandment
    It is with great joy that I read the Opinion section of The Tribune each morning. I generally get a big kick out the diversity of opinions and the passion of the writers, whether I agree with them or not.
    I stand firmly confused and somewhat troubled by all the controversy surrounding same-sex marriage. My traditional marriage of nearly 20 years does not seem in any danger whatsoever from what my gay and lesbian neighbors do. The very idea of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage strikes fear into my heart, however. A constitutional amendment on the state and/or federal level is not small potatoes. Since most of those in favor of a constitutional amendment seem to claim the higher moral ground, I decided to seek guidance through religious studies.

    And lo, it came to me as a flash of light. In my studies I discovered the long lost 11th Commandment, "Thou shalt mind thine own business."


Equal protection guides actions
Issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples is a matter of basic constitutional rights, and we should not submit the "equal protection" clause of the state constitution or any other constitution to a process of "public comment" or, worse yet, majority rule.


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