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Sunday, March 14, 2004

who cares about alabama... it is the most bigoted stated.. I propose ever a constitutional amendment is passed prohibiting gay marriage all the queer leave that state, pack up, sell there house and move here (SF).. or OR, or MA... forget the not live in a regressive bigoted, hateful state.. leave now before that act any more stupid...!!!.. plus, they lack any sense of humor in alabama...

Poll: Big 'no' to gay marriage
Staff Reporter
As much of the nation debates the legality of same-sex marriages, a new poll suggests that a majority of Alabama residents strongly disapprove of the practice and also oppose the alternative of civil unions.


Opinion mixed on gay unions

In regional poll, 54 percent support some state recognition, but many express concerns about effect on society and on marriage


New Paltz thrust into middle of gay marriage debate

Elders backs gay marriages
Former Surgeon General says government should stay out
By William Brand, STAFF WRITER
OAKLAND -- Dr. Jocelyn Elders, the outspoken former surgeon general of the United States, had some blunt advice Saturday on gay marriage for President Bush and the federal government: Keep your noses out of the bedroom.
"I see no problem with gay couples marrying," Elders said. "It's a decision between two people -- the government has no business interfering.


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