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Friday, March 19, 2004

so what is going on here with this gay marriage? is this really about being able to get married? how does queerness relate to the commodification factor, hetronormative hegemony?

this is not about the weddings . . . . I repeat, this is not about being able to get married!!! and it is!!!!

the weddings have become the spark of major flash points world wide, and are symtomatic of a variety of problems.

first the wedding . . . if you want to get married and buy into the hegemony, fine . . . if one of the motivating factors for getting married is to get all the benefits of the power structure, fine . . . . but what if you do not want to buy into that system? why should only those that get married have a 1000 privileges . . . . so, then the problem is one of hoarding power by patriarchal privilege as an act of ownership . . . . then the broader question is one of social critique . . . . why do only those who get married have those privileges? I think the answer is fairly obvious, in a hetro-hierarchy of power, and any act wanting to share heterosexual privilege over another type of relationship is seen as a threat to to power structure.

the problem is, queers are being limited and not denied the opportunity to buy into that system , not matter what one thinks of it. if one wants to go to disneyland, fine . . . everyone should be able to enter the land of oz, who wants to.

unequal rights is unequal rights... separate but equal is separate but unequal...

what has happened is the power elite, the hetronormative command and control are feeling threaten and in turn are thrusting their ideal of a perfect identity forward, as a legal and moral right; . . . this in turn casts those not that into the *other space.* one that does not deserve rights, one that is looked upon as morally wrong, and one that is a bad influence to the majority, a super situated identity forced to come forth as that, no longer able to hide in the closet

this has caused identity politics to raise its head the *us* is right and you are you and you are wrong, because you are not us. maybe it is time to stop living as second class citizen world wide... to stand up and fight...

this is where the flash points come in .. the assertion of one identity over other, or one identity demanding the privileges of another...

here are some areas of concern beyond just the fact that marriage is being held as a privileged site for heterosexuals.

1. state after state passing or attempting to pass amendments to ban gay marriages. the fact that there are laws written to limit social movement is a red flag. now there is a push an amendment to the constitution to be added on a national level... if the meer fact that lawmakers are proposing to change the constitution does not worry you . . . . think again!! . . . it is a major problem . . . . this will institute second class citizenry. where now, for the most part, it is just group think, with some laws to protect the minority from the majority group think..

2. states, and counties are cutting backs rights, privileges and protections of queer adults and children. (orange country, CA, does not want to offer equal rights protection to trans youth)

3. hate crimes have risen 24% in the last 3 months . . . . what will it be like as laws are passed, creating an institutional second class group? what will happen as more and more moralizing religious bigots spill their hate speech on to the world trying to create a solid ground . . . . more license to act out their rage to subdue those that threaten an already mythological power.

4. queer folkz are losing their jobs simply because they are queer, as the queer priest did /is. a queer reporter and a photographer, recently married, were taken off an assignment to cover the *GAY WEDDINGs* simply because the paper thought there was a conflict of interest . . . which would not happen to a straight person . . . . add to that a queer couple did not qualify for a home loan because they where not considered a couple...

5. it has been ruled federal employes can lose their job simply for being gay.

6. folks have been arrested for marrying queer folks.

7. there is a blindness to HIV because it is connected to queers even though world wide, more heterosexuals have HIV then queers

8. increased censorship of queer media....

9. cutting back on gay adoptions.

this is just some of the problems that are happening world wide . . ..
now is the time to stand up and take the next step in queer civil rights!
now is the time to take a stance for human civil rights - includeing everyone...!!!


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