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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Same-sex couples win marriage rights
By Leslie Feinberg
president George W. Bush's opening shot in his Feb. 24 televised speech targeting same-sex marriage rights may actually have been the sound of political backfiring. It triggered a tidal wave of mass civil disobedience by the lesbian, gay, bi and trans movement, drawing strong support in its wake, that is still rolling across the United States.
Activists from coast to coast and South to North are confidently, exuberantly and inexorably pressing their demand that the government end its official discrimination against same-sex couples once and for all.


you just got to luv amerika...!?

Student Group Sues OSU Over Right To Exclude Gays
Society Seeks Exemption From University Policy
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A Christian legal association has sued The Ohio State University, saying the school hasn't recognized its chapter's right to exclude gays.


Gag Order
by Matt Lum
I was always encouraged to pursue my dreams and instilled with the confidence that I could accomplish whatever my heart compelled me to do. You can grow up and be whatever you want to be, Matthew. It wasnĖ†t until last week that I learned they meant I could be anything but gay.

U.S. Isolated at Hemispheric Conference on Gender, Population
by Jim Lobe
WASHINGTON - Health officials from all but one of the 40 countries of the Americas Friday reaffirmed their commitment to an international program on family planning and reproductive health program at a hemispheric population conference in Chile, leaving the United States isolated as the only nation to refuse to join the final communique.


Collision course on the airwaves

Critics caution rush to regulation could infringe on freedom of speech


Welfare wedlock
Bush says marriage is no good for gays and lesbians, but encourages it for the poor
By Rachel Brahinsky
While President George W. Bush condemns queers who seek the right to marry, he continues to press Congress to foist wedlock on welfare moms. Tucked into the pending federal welfare bill, which the U.S. Senate is expected to act on by the end of the month, Bush is asking for $1.5 billion to promote marriage to the poor.


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