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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Supreme Court to Hear Argument on Sex Change

The Supreme Court is to hear the first case on the legality of changing entries in the Family Register for those who have had sex-change operations. The court is asking medical experts with experience in gender reassignment surgery and religious figures opposing the procedure to testify on May 18.

The case is an appeal by transgender individuals against rulings denying their request to change their sex in the Family Register at first and second instance. Next week’s hearing is to prepare the legal ground for a Supreme Court ruling in the case.

"The request of transgender individuals to change their official register will be decided after considering whether it is compatible with the feelings and understanding of the people and after opinions from various experts are collected," a court official said.


Catholic student magazine removes gay poem

HOUSTON, May 12 (UPI) -- Student staffers at a Texas Catholic college literary magazine have ripped out an erotic gay poem, said to have been inserted by the rejected author.
Copies of the University of St. Thomas' Laurels magazine were made available without the poem "Lusting Chaos," by Jonathan Rea, 21, a gay junior English and communications student, the Houston Chronicle reported.
The poem, addressed to a male lover, does not describe any sexual acts, yet after the magazine's poetry committee voted 3-2 in favor of publishing the poem, English professor Janet Lowery, the magazine's faculty adviser, cast the final, overriding vote against it.


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