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Friday, May 05, 2006

Gay skaters sue Berkeley rink for discrimination

BERKELEY, Calif. - Two gay figure skaters sued the Berkeley ice rink for discrimination after twice being told to stop holding hands while skating.

The growing level of interest in Hirschfeld’s life in Germany and the effort to commemorate the gay victims of the National Socialists have culminated in a campaign, founded in 2005, called Initiative Queer Nations ( to rebuild the world’s first research center devoted to sexology—the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft—which Hirschfeld founded in Berlin, 14 years before the Nazi backlash, in 1919.


PSU to offer more gender-neutral facilities on campus
Facilities to offer maps showing locations of bathrooms next week

To address growing concerns that Portland State is in need of more gender-neutral bathrooms on campus, plans are in the works to offer more of the bathrooms, and maps showing gender-neutral bathrooms on campus will be provided beginning next week.

Seventeen of the single-occupancy gender-neutral restrooms are located in 10 campus buildings. These bathrooms are also built to serve special-needs groups like families, nursing mothers and the disabled.


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