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Saturday, May 20, 2006

One-year sentence for gay party organizer

A man surnamed Zou, was sentenced to one year in prison by the Chongwen District People¡¯s Court in Beijing, for organizing a gay party through the internet, the website of the China News Service reported on Friday.
Zou, an Internet fan, was inspired by the news about a "Gay Hotel" on a website in April, 2005. He set up his own website called "Beijing Sky" to advertise a "Hot Dream Party for Cool Beijing Boys" and attracted homosexuals to engage in prurient activities and provide illegal sex services at his house.


Transgender advocates rally over governor's veto

Transgender advocates and allies gathered Thursday at a rally in Burlington to express their dismay and disappointment at the governor's recent veto of a pivotal anti-discrimination bill.

Wednesday, Gov. Jim Douglas vetoed the Gender Identity and Expression Non-Discrimination Act. The bill was introduced to the Judiciary Committee in the spring of 2005. This year, the House passed the bill 88-47, and the Senate OK'd it with a voice vote.

In the message accompanying his veto, Douglas insisted that he is committed to fighting discrimination. He said, however, he had reservations about the language of the bill and said he felt that the bill had not been sufficiently considered by the Legislature.

"Discrimination in Vermont is unacceptable, and our state has a long, healthy and proud history of acceptance and tolerance," Douglas told the Legislature in the message accompanying his veto. "I am concerned that (the bill) did not receive the kind of careful scrutiny and study that would be expected prior to making major modifications to Vermont's anti-discrimination laws," Douglas said


Gay-friendly estate agency sacked pregnant lesbian
A lesbian lettings office manager was sacked from a gay-friendly estate agency because she was pregnant, an employment tribunal has ruled.


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