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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The surgery you never wanted

Born somewhere between male and female, intersex people face unique gender identity issues, especially if “normalizing” surgeries were imposed on them at a young age. Part 3 of The Advocate’s ongoing transgender(sic) series

note: the comment (sic) after transgender is connected to the lumping of intersex folks with transgender folks as if it is an easy connection. This is false and misleading.. what Intersex folks face is on many levels very different and on some levels similar with transgender folks, but lets not dump all people not fitting some gender norm in the transgender category because it is easy.


Gay-benefits amendment heads to floor

JUNEAU -- A proposed constitutional amendment regarding gay-partner employment benefits is moving on after being mired in committee for several weeks.

The Senate Finance Committee Friday passed a new version of the resolution by a 4-3 vote. It next goes to the Senate floor.

The original measure would have amended the Alaska Constitution's ban on gay marriage to deny health and other spousal benefits to homosexual partners of state employees.


Police forced to intervene in Polish gay rights march

Riot police have been forced to intervene in a march for gay tolerance held in the Polish city of Krakow after counter demonstrations from members of far-right youth groups.

Police officers reported that several arrests have taken place after members of the rightwing All Poland Youth Group threw stones and eggs at the participants of march for tolerance. 

Over a thousand marchers protested with placards urging the public to "Stop homophobia" and "Don't confuse a gay with a paedophile."


Warning to hotels over gay weddings

A RIBBLE Valley lawyer has warned hotels offering civil ceremonies that they musn't discriminate against gay couples wanting to get married.
Carol Maher, of Clitheroe's Irene Chenery Maher and Co, says that East Lancashire's hotels will soon have to offer the same hospitality to same sex couples as more traditional couples.


Cardinals join move against gay marriage

America's top Roman Catholic leaders have joined a broad national push against gay marriage one month before the Senate is set to consider a constitutional amendment to ban such unions.


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