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Sunday, April 16, 2006

(never trust the majority)

Voters May Decide On Gay Rights Ordinance

The recently passed ordinance that would provide discrimination protection to gays would have gone into effect on Monday.

But now, it may be up to the voters to decide the issue instead.


Hong Kong turns down gay marriage

Hong Kong, home to hundreds of thousands of British nationals, has blocked local residents from entering into same-sex civil unions at the British Consulate, a spokeswoman at the consulate said Sunday.
Hong Kong's Home Affairs Bureau told the consulate Tuesday that the Chinese territory would not allow same-sex couples to marry on the mission's premises, the spokeswoman, Vanessa Gould, said.
British law allows British nationals to enter civil unions with non-British nationals of the same gender at British diplomatic offices worldwide, so long as the local government does not object.


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