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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Poem alleging transgender embitterment draws LGBT condemnation

A poem publicly circulated Friday which ascribed bitterness sprung from transgender status to a political opponent yesterday was condemned by two local LGBT Democratic Clubs.
Emailed to San Francisco elected and community leaders, the poem entitled 'Our Transfigured Robert' was penned by Residential Builders Association (RBA) President Joe O'Donoghue.
It attacked SEIU 790 organizer Robert Haaland whose union is opposing the Yes on D Laguna Honda Hospital ballot measure backed by the RBA.
Haaland is a transgendered man, tenants advocate, and past president of the Harvey Milk LGBT Club. O'Donoghue is a former labor organizer who lends RBA financial and organizational assistance to political campaigns.


Church units not penalized for refusing gay adoptions
State holds off pending exemption bill

Catholic adoption agencies in Worcester, Fall River, and Springfield will not be sanctioned at this time by Governor Mitt Romney's administration over their refusal to accept gays and lesbians as prospective adoptive parents, even though the policies violate state antidiscrimination laws.

Constantia Papanikolaou -- general counsel for the state Department of Early Education and Care, which regulates adoption agencies -- said it is holding off taking any action because the governor has proposed legislation that could allow the agencies to legally refrain from considering gay adoptions on religious grounds. Romney proposed the bill after Catholic Charities of Boston announced last month it was ending its adoption services because it could no longer reconcile church teaching with state antidiscrimination laws.


Fisher: Gay parade finds support in Los Altos

Even before the ``Bigotville, USA'' T-shirts went on sale this spring, a lot of the many pillars of the Los Altos community were mortified. Their city council's recent refusal to even consider a Gay Pride Day proclamation had thrown the quiet town uncomfortably into the national limelight.
Now a prominent group of civic leaders has come to the rescue of their city's reputation. The Los Altos Community Foundation board -- not exactly the radical fringe -- is championing efforts by the Los Altos High School Gay-Straight Alliance to hold a parade on Main Street in June, a clear challenge to Mayor Ron Packard and the council majority.
``All the kids wanted was something very simple,'' said Judy Hannemann, a trustee with the Mountain View-Los Altos High School District who sits on the foundation board. ``It didn't even need a vote of the council. But making such a big deal of it was really hurtful.''


Group Petition Stops City From Adding Gay Rights To Ordinance
Petition Would Put Measure On November Ballot

CINCINNATI -- A group that opposes gay lifestyles has blocked a move by the Cincinnati City Council to add gay people to the city's anti-discrimination ordinance.

Citizens for Community Values filed petitions Friday in an effort to get the matter on the November ballot.

The group says it has collected between 14,000 and 15,000 signatures from city residents who want the issue to go to voters. About 7,000 valid signatures would be required.


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