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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

From: [lgbt-india] Another wave of "Sexual Cleansing" by Nepal police in Nepal!

We are very frustrated and concerned of such regular arrest and abuse of Metis (effeminate cross dressing males) by Nepal police.

Last night on the eve of Holi Festival (festival of color), from 9 pm to 12 pm Nepal police chased many Metis around Thamel, Durbar Marg area and rounded up 25 Metis. Many Metis were escaped and ran away but 25 Metis were arrested and taken to Hanuman Dhoka central Police station, Kathmandu. Nepal police chased Metis last night with their 10-12 police van in Thamel, Durbar Marg Area and many arrested from the taxi, or while walking in the street. No Reason has been given of the arrest.

This arrest has happened less than a week after the US state Department's report on Human rights situation in Nepal published where the report acknowledged violence against LGBTs by Nepal Police, which may have sparked the arrest.

Blue Diamond Society also, yesterday, announced the vacancy for several positions to start up HIV programs in 7 cities in Nepal with the support from DFID (through UNDP MSA) where HIV prevention, care support and treatment work is very vital but with such attitude of the Nepal police, its less likely that the program will be any effective.

As it’s a holiday for the festival "Holy" in Nepal and we don't know what charges will be brought up against the Metis and for how long the police will keep them in the custody?

Blue Diamond Society is very much concerned of such regular arrest of Metis and condemns such degrading action from the Nepal Police who supposed to protect the citizens.

Blue Diamond Society calls for your support and solidarity to protect the human rights of sexual and gender minorities and demand an immediate release of all the Metis arrested last night and complete end of such regular arrest of and violence against Metis in Nepal.

In solidarity
Sunil Pant
Blue Diamond Society

March 14, 2006


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