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Monday, February 06, 2006

From: [LGBTNepal] Two men calling themselves Royal Nepal Army (RNA) 'Jawan' raped a Meti in Kathmandu

Puja Chaudhari, A Meti, 25 years old, with her friends was approached by two men on their motorbike on 2nd Feb 2006 about 8 PM in the evening in Thamel (tourist area of Kathmandu, near Royal Palace) and asked Puja to come with them for 'enjoyment'. when Puja denied they forced her and promised that they would pay a good sum. After that Puja was taken to a MM lodge in Thamel. Inside a room they denied to pay her any money. When Puja was trying to leave the room she was pulled in and beaten severely by these two men. She has bruises on her different parts of body and her left year was tarred apart. They raped her saying they were from RNA and they could even kill her and no evidence would be found.

Blue Diamond Society denounces such violence against Metis and demand RNA to investigate immediately. Blue Diamond Society also demands to immediate end of such regular attack by security forces against Metis in Nepal.

Alex Chamling and Sunil Pant


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