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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

From:[LGBTNepal] Nepal Police is determined to clean Metis out from the society. Inbox

January 3 2005, about 10 pm, A Meti (effeminate male) Suntali (Mani Lama, 23 age) was walking in Thamel with her other Meti friends, Sweta- 23 age and Kali- 26 years with few more friends. 4 Policemen from Durbar Marg Police Station on uniform saw Metis and two police men were shouting "Here are Metis, beat them up, killed them" and one police men started beating Kali First, she got two baton at her back. Kali tried to save her self and the policeman pulled his gun and pointed towards Kali and ready to pull the trigger saying "these Hijras are pollution to the society and must be cleaned out". But another Policeman quickly stopped the policeman from shooting his gun and kali was saved and Kali managed to runaway. But another policeman started beating Suntali by a bigger baton on her backs and thighs, she tried to stop but continued and another policeman joined. Suntali for self-defense caught one of the policemen's baton and runway. Later on Police Van from Durbar Marg Police station came and beat Sweta brutally and Lallu (a mentally slow women) was also beaten badly. All, Suntali, Sweta and Lallu have bruises and beaten marks on different parts of their bodies.

Blue Diamond Society is extremely outraged by this regular attack against Metis. It is clear now that Nepal Police has taken stand to finished the Metis and members of Blue Diamond Society. This is very serious and we call National Human Rights Commission, UN OHCHR and other Human Rights organization to take prompt and effective intervention to stop Police Brutality immediately and "Sexual cleansing".

Sunil B Pant
4th December 2005


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