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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Worcester (Mass, US) Global Action Network:Encuentro: "DECRIMINALIZING RESISTANCE"

From Buenos Aires to Belgrade to New York City and Worcester resistance movements are being repressed, jailed, and labeled as "security threats." But what is "security"? What are the real threats to the safety and well being of our communities? How is "security" used by the State to undermine resistance movements?


Black, Muslim and Gay
With MPs this week pushing legislation through the Commons to create civil partnerships - gay marriages in all but name - homosexuality has never been more accepted by British society.

But what happens if you are gay and come from a cultural background where that acceptance is not available?

In a documentary for BBC Radio Four, Black, Muslim and Gay, three people describe their struggle with identity, faith and family. Islamic scholars say their faith forbids homosexuality, although approaches widely differ in how to address it.

Some regard it as a sin deserving punishment. Others regard gay men and lesbians as needing pity and spiritual guidance.

Jaheda is a 28-year-old British Asian whose family came from Bangladesh. Raised in Sheffield, she lives now in Manchester and struggled for years with how to explain to her mother that she was gay.


Nontraditional homecoming queen stirs controversy about gender roles
By Susie Pakoua Vang

University student Kong Vang rarely skips classes, but he was fueled with enough frustration last Thursday to ditch two courses and hit the road.

The American studies senior, no relation to the writer, filled his car with students from surrounding colleges and made the hourlong trek to St. Cloud State University to attend a rally in support of a man recently crowned homecoming queen.

People opposed to the homecoming election were also in attendance.

Since his win three weeks ago, Fue Khang, 22, said he has been concerned about his safety after receiving harassing e-mails and phone calls. In response, the school has offered Khang security escorts, said St. Cloud State spokeswoman Lisa Foss


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