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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Is Ken Mehlman Gay? and if not, why wouldn't Steve Schmidt say so on the record?

I was rather amazed to hear that Ken Mehlman might be running for Chair of the RNC. As we now know, Kenny ran one of the most homophobic campaigns in US History . . .


The unlikely sheriff in Bush's backyard: a Hispanic lesbian Democrat
Gary Younge in New York
The Guardian

In a week that saw the Democrats trounced, anti-gay amendments passed across the country and the return of Texas's adopted son to the White House, there was one striking anomaly. An openly lesbian, Hispanic Democrat, has been elected sheriff in Dallas - the president's backyard.

In an upset brought about by local scandal, demographic evolution and personal chutzpah, Lupe Valdez, the daughter of a Mexican immigrant farm worker, became the first ever Democrat and woman to head the county's sole law enforcement office, which includes Texas' second largest city.

"Since I won, every time I go to a Democratic meeting, they go crazy," Ms Valdez, 57, told the New York Times.

Despite the fact that she had little in the way of money and a campaign led by novices, Ms Valdez won comfortably.


Sudanese forces raid refugee camp
Sudan's security forces have again stormed a refugee camp in the troubled region of Darfur and attacked crowds.

Police fired tear gas and assaulted residents at El-Geer camp near Nyala, hours before the UN's Sudan envoy was due to arrive, witnesses said.

The UN and African Union are seeing the assault as a calculated affront, says a BBC correspondent from the scene.

Sudan's ambassador in London played down the incident and said troops were trying to move people to a better camp.

Hassan Abedin said force was used only on a small number who were trying to incite resistance to being moved from the camp.


The Misguided Others
By Yasmene Jabar

Just when you felt safe to go back in the water up comes groups like the one mentioned below to try to eat away at our self esteem. Like we don't already have that coming in every direction any way.  We get that from family, old friends, the old busy body down the street, and sometimes even the government taking away what rights we thought we had.  But still we hold our heads up and say Hey!  I'm Here! and I'm OK,  I will never more feel guilt for being what I was born to be. Those who have the problems try to cause more problems and confuse the issues to those who have not yet made a decision which way to believe.  One day the world will be educated to the realities of the Transsexual Mind, and accept it for what it is.  But until then we must go forward with our heads held high, knowing we are the best we can be, we are doing what is right for us and that we are going to be counted  in the scheme of life. Always be Transsexual and Proud, never more ashamed of something we can not change.  


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