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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

MoveON - Leave no voter behind

FIND YOUR POLLING PLACE. To find your polling place, go to . In most cases, this site will tell you what kind of voting machines to expect and how they work. (By the way, if conflicts with information you've received from your county or state election officials, use the official information.) Remember to bring your ID.

HAVE A QUESTION? We’ve put together a page that answers some of your most Frequently Asked Questions about voting.

DID YOU HAVE PROBLEMS VOTING ?Call 1-866-MYVOTE1 . Common Cause has set up a hotline that you can call to report any problems you have voting. They'll document where problems are occurring, watch for wide-spread voter suppression, and provide real-time legal help to the hot spots. We’ve put together an election protection card which tells you who to call if someone tries to interfere with your voting rights.



This forum is intended to act as an archive of voting problems, and for the members to provide one another with support. We encourage our members to report voting problems in this forum - but if you experience problems casting your vote, or if you have come here to post a news story related to voting problems, please be aware that simply posting in this forum is not enough.

Below is a list of resources for reporting problems to the proper authorities. Thanks to GregD for compiling this information.


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