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Sunday, October 31, 2004

AIDS Is Man-Made
Interview with Dr. Boyd Graves
Sultan Muhammad,
The Final Call,

( - After beginning his research on the AIDS pandemic in 1992, Dr. Boyd Graves discovered in February 1999 the greatest evidence, to date, of records and reports of the experiments that led to the development of what the world now knows as the AIDS virus. That document is the “1971 Flow Chart of the Special Virus Program of the United States.” Dr. Graves submitted this flowchart as evidence to the Sixth Circuit Federal Court in a case which named the President of the United States as a defendant to answer a petition acknowledging the authenticity of the Flow Chart. On January 12, 2001, the case was dismissed as “frivolous,” and then referred to the District’s Appellate Court, which ruled in favor of the lower court. Eventually, it went to the Supreme Court, which refused to hear it without giving comment as to why. Dr. Graves spoke with Final Call contributor Sultan Muhammad to explain the significance and consequences of his research.

Sultan Muhammad (SM): What is this flowchart and what does it indicate?

Boyd Graves (BG): The 1971 Flow Chart is the blueprint for the development of AIDS. It is the quintessential missing link document which provides absolute proof of the U.S. origin of HIV/AIDS. It is located in one of the 15 progress reports of the federal program entitled “The U.S. Special Virus Cancer Program.” I believe the term “cancer” was a misnomer to misdirect the actuality of the HIV development. It provides, again, absolute, absolute evidence of the U.S. origin of HIV as a synthetic biological agent.


AIDS cases in Karnataka on the rise: Report

(Bangalore): For the first time evidence on the ground is showing that AIDS cases in rural Karnataka are on an upswing.

NDTV has obtained a copy of a recent survey conducted by the State AIDS Cell, which shows a
huge spurt in AIDS cases in North Karnataka's districts.

The report will soon be made public.

The report found that of the 21534 cases tested for HIV among women in ante-natal clinics and first referral centres in different districts in the state, 327 were positive, that is 1:52 per cent.


Horror story of unnatural sex and murder

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 30: It started with the discovery of an unidentified body of a boy at Old Delhi railway station on October 21. That led the police to 19-year-old Mahfooz Anwar, alias Pellard Baba, and his numerous alleged victims of unnatural sex.

Anwar, the police allege, had sodomised nearly 40 boys at Old Delhi railway station and had threatened to kill them if they went to the police. Hence, no case was ever registered against him. It was only after Anwar was arrested in the murder case that these boys approached the police.

Anwar, who belongs to Ferozabad in UP, was living as a vagabond at the station. ‘‘On October 21, an unidentified body was found on an overbridge at the railway station. The deceased was identified as Indal alias Pilla. A case of murder was registered,’’ said Tajendra Luthra, DCP, Crime Branch.


I love the use of the word TRADITIONALIST in the below article.

one could look at this TRADITION to imply discrimination against woman as a proper way of being, and I suppose one could substitute woman, with queer, people of colors, so on and so on.. so, the traditional is on based on exclusion and power.. lets face it..

Anglicans told to accept women bishops or leave
Christopher Morgan

TRADITIONALIST Anglicans have been warned by a senior bishop that they should consider leaving the Church of England if it backs the ordination of women bishops.


35 faith leaders oppose amendment
By Linda Thomson
Deseret Morning News

      Thirty-five religious leaders, including Jews, Muslims and Protestants, have signed a statement opposing Amendment 3, calling the measure "bad law" and urging voters to think carefully before casting a vote.
  The controversial amendment would change the Utah Constitution to define marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman, and it would not allow any other type of domestic union to be recognized as a marriage.
    Rabbi Tracee Rosen of Congregation Kol Ami said recently that the proposed amendment is "unnecessarily discriminatory and damaging."


Gay Marriage Ban Faces Some Unlikely Foes
Top Republicans, labor groups and the state's AARP chapter oppose the wording that will appear on Ohio's ballot on election day.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Virtually every poll so far indicates voters will say yes to Issue One on the Ohio ballot, thus revising the state constitution to define marriage as "only a union between one man and one woman."

But in recent weeks the measure has drawn sharp opposition from some surprising quarters. These include the state's top elected Republicans, several prominent education and business leaders, labor groups and the Ohio chapter of AARP, the senior citizens group.

These opponents say a second provision written into the measure is so broad and so vague that it may have what AARP calls "injurious consequences" for tens of thousands of people in the state, both straight and gay, who live together but are not married. Current domestic-partner benefits offered by some state institutions could instantly be subject to legal challenge, they say.


Police to vet lyrics of 'anti-gay' reggae star on British tour
Jamie Doward and Will Lee
The Observer

A top reggae star on tour in the UK this week, who has exhorted his audience to 'burn white people' and 'kill queers', is being investigated by police on the ground that his lyrics incite murder.

Sizzla Kalonji, described as the 'crown king of Jamaican reggae', looks set to be the latest in an increasingly long line of musicians to incur the wrath of gay rights groups, when he starts a five-gig tour on Wednesday.


EMBRACE GAYS, LESBIANS for action on equality law
by Andy Johnson

THE government appears to be in a quandary over its stated commitment to equal opportunity in the society and has abandonment equal opportunity legislation.

However there are calls from several quarters for aspects of the legislation to be implemented.

Cabinet has been deliberating for a month now on a note from the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs for the adoption of a draft plan for a national gender policy, containing several references to the now defunct legislation.

Several of the recommendations in the draft document called for what sources said was the open embrace of sexual preference in the society and an end to discrimination on sexual grounds.


Anti-Gay EU Official To Step Aside
by The Associated Press

(Rome)  Italian conservative and papal confidant Rocco Buttiglione, under attack for calling homosexuality sinful, said Saturday he was abandoning efforts to become European Union justice commissioner, a bid that has prevented the new EU executive from taking office.

Buttiglione defended his religious beliefs, however, insisting they would never have colored his EU politics.

Premier Silvio Berlusconi said late Friday that Buttiglione would remain as European affairs minister in his conservative government.

With the new commission virtually doomed to rejection by the European Parliament if Buttiglione remained part of it, the new EU top executive, Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, earlier in the week withdrew all 25 nominees _ one for each EU member _ to buy time for a way out of the impasse.


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