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Saturday, November 06, 2004

from: Stan Apps

I consider it worth pointing out that there are now two forms of voting fraud possible, whereas in the past only one form was possible. The older form of voting fraud can be referred to as bottom-up fraud. This form relies on old-fashioned technology: Paper ballots that voters have physically altered in some manner in order to record their preferences. In a bottom-up voting fraud situation, a conspiracy of poll-workers either alters or disposes or supplements or replaces a significant number of ballots in order to cause a change in the “Will of the People.” Bottom-up voting fraud is only worth doing if the conspiracy is large enough to change/replace a very large number of ballots, so as populations increase this form of voting fraud becomes constantly less convenient. Most people are reflexively honest, and it is a dangerous and uncertain course to try to recruit many conspirators. The conspiracy might try to recruit the wrong person, who might “out” the entire conspiracy effort. Obviously, conspiracies of this impractical form are implausible, and becoming more implausible: they could only succeed in areas where concepts that divide the citizenry, such as racist thinking, are mistaken for decency.


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