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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Scouts' Access to Schools While Ignoring Gay Student Groups
by Doreen Brandt Washington Bureau

(Washington) Saying that the Bush Administration is focused on protecting the Boy Scouts' access to public schools while ignoring the rights of gay student groups whose equal rights are often violated, Lambda Legal urged the U.S. Department of Education Wednesday to add inclusive language to policy regulations.

The new regulations were made public this week and now enter a 45-day period of public comment before going into effect.

Part of the regulations guide schools on making sure Boy Scouts groups have access to schools for meetings, recruitment and other activities.

Lambda Legal said today that Gay-Straight Alliance groups should be specified in the new regulations as one kind of youth group that also has a right to meet in public schools.


Schools Dragged Into Oregon Anti-Gay Amendment Campaign
by Newscenter Staff

(Portland, Oregon) Conservative groups urging voters to pass a constitutional amendment in Oregon that would ban same-sex marriage claim that unless it is passed schools will be forced to teach classes on gay marriage.

"They have no business using our public schools as part of this campaign," Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo said Tuesday. "Our schools have nothing to do with this measure. They are trying to create some sort of fear in our schools related to sexual orientation."

The broadcast ads and flyers include statements from people including Republican Rep. Wayne Scott, the current House Majority Leader, Clark Brody, a former deputy superintendent of public instruction, and David Crowe, the founder of a Christian group called "Restore America."


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