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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bisexual teacher fights back - (SA)  
Millicent Merton

Cape Town - A bisexual art teacher, who applied for a post at Jan van Riebeeck High School, claims he was discriminated against during his interview.

Riaan Vosloo plans to file a complaint with the equality court.

He claims the school's principal, Hammies van Niekerk, questioned him on his marital status, circle of friends and sexual orientation during an interview.

"He asked whether I was married. When I said 'no', he said he should probably not ask why. He also asked whether I have male or female friends. I asked whether he was referring to romantic friends. He said 'yes'."


Bid to end EU gay comments row

Incoming European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso is hoping to defuse a row over his controversial choice of justice commissioner.

He is meeting European Parliament leaders in a bid to secure support for a confidence vote next week.

Several parties threaten to reject the whole 25-member Commission unless the nomination of Rocco Buttiglione for justice commissioner is withdrawn.


Program Launched To Combat LGBT Domestic Violence
by Matt Johns Los Angeles Bureau

(Washington) It is often called the gay 'dirty little secret' - domestic violence in gay and lesbian relationships. 

A report by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Projects released last week documented 6,523 cases of LGBT domestic violence reported in 2003, including 6 domestic violence-related deaths. The figure represents a 13% increases in cases reported from 2002 to 2003.

Usually the signs of domestic violence are ignored in gay relationships by the very people who are trained to look out for spousal abuse.

Now, for the first time a major program will be launched in California to educate medical care providers about the existence of domestic violence in the gay community.


Quilt controversy goes to committee
Quilt with lesbian theme was banned from annual quilt show, Human Relations Committee may review case
  By Diane Strand
  The MidWeek

 The DeKalb County Quilting Guild member whose work was rejected for display in last week’s Quilt Show at Clinton Rosette Middle School is taking her concern to the DeKalb Human Relations Committee, a subcommittee of the City Council.

The Human Relations Committee led the drive a few years ago to pass ordinances barring discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Diane Johns, whose quilt was banned, was supported by four other guild members who withdrew their quilts from the show in solidarity with Johns: Amy Climer, Jana Mirs, Fran Norris and Kathy Lockard. In addition, members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship protested the guild show, providing information sheets to the public who were attending the major regional exhibit. Johns said she also was supported by Guild President Jill Draves, who at one point offered to resign


Bean shares trials of gay life
By Hallie Grossman
Collegian Staff Writer

Billy Bean first made waves in the major leagues when he had a record-tying four hits in his first game with the Detroit Tigers.

Now he is going up to bat for a different team: the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Bean, who is the only former professional baseball player to publicly acknowledge his homosexuality, kicked off this week's National Coming Out Day celebrations when more than 75 people gathered last night to hear him speak in HUB Heritage Hall.


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