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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Take Action! Take Action! Take Action! Take Action!

Tell Your Representatives to Protect All Students from Harassment and Bullying

On July 7, Representative Shimkus (R-19th IL) introduced H.R. 4776, a bill that would amend the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act to protect all students from harassment and bullying. Contact your Congress Member to help protect students from gender-based bullying and harassment. The bill would hold schools and districts accountable for:

* initiating policies to prevent harassment and bullying
* providing appropriate training, and complaint procedures when policies are violated

Harassment and bullying would include conduct that is threatening or offensive based on students' “actual or perceived identity with regard to race, color, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion,” or other characteristics.


On July 30, Ford Motor Company has added "Gender Identity" as a category that is protected against discrimination, to Corporate Policy Letters 2 and 6. Ford is the first of the Big 3 automotive companies to take this step. Official updates to the Policy Letters are in underway. (A link to the revised documents will be added in the near future)



The 19th Annual IFGE Convention will be held at the Red Lion Hotel in Austin, TX, April 26 through 30, 2005. Proposals for presentations are being sought at this time. New ideas, new topics and new faces are of particular interest.

The theme this year is "Sex, Gender and Politics: Exploring the Connections." We have a special need for presentations for cross-dressers (from still-in-the-closet to out-and-about), "Are you a CD, TV, TS?," Basic Hormones, Standards of Care discussions, and other social and medical programs for those considering going beyond being a crossdresser. We are expecting a large number of FtMs at this event, so if you have experience with this group, we welcome your input.

If you are interested in presenting, complete the Program Proposal Form and submit it before October 1, 2004. Although submissions after that date will be accepted on a space-available basis, you may not be included in our registration brochure and advanced advertising. If you will need some type of A/V equipment, please be sure to make that fact known on the enclosed form. A/V equipment is VERY expensive to rent, so use it sparingly.

No submissions by email, please. Send proposals by postal mail or fax to:
Alison Laing, P O Box 473, Portsmouth, RI 02871
fax: 401-624-8753
email for inquiries:


ISNA Outeach 2004

ISNA works hard to educate the world about intersex. Over the last 11 years of our work, we have reached millions of people through our outreach work! Here's a small sampling of what we've been up to in just the first half of this year.

Just since January 2004:

Time magazine did a feature on intersex including interviews with Debbie Hartman and Thea Hillman (ISNA board members).

The popular online newspaper Slate did a feature article on our founder and Executive Director, Cheryl Chase, and on the work of ISNA.

Our website continues to draw upwards of 1,600 visitors (and many more “hits”) each month; it provides them with basic information, news, access to videos, etc.


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