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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Paris suburb mayor refuses gay wedding

PARIS, Sept 8 (AFP) - The mayor of a Paris suburb on Wednesday refused to celebrate what would have been France's second gay marriage, accusing Greens party members of pressuring city officials to approve the union.  

Marc Everbecq, the Communist mayor of Bagnolet east of Paris, said in a statement that two men accompanied by Greens party faithful had "put strong pressure on civil servants" to accept their request for a marriage license. 


Prison Officials Can Be Sued In Gay Sex Slave Scandal Court Rules 
by Newscenter Staff

(Austin, Texas) In a legal first, a federal appeals court has ruled that seven ranking Texas prison officials can be sued for damages due to discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The unanimous ruling by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals came in a lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of a gay man who was repeatedly raped by prison gangs and whose pleas for help were ignored by officials.


Proposed gay marriage ban is on Ohio ballot--for now

Ohio secretary of state Kenneth Blackwell has certified a November 2 ballot that includes a proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Under Ohio election law, Blackwell was required to certify the ballot's form to 88 county boards of elections on Wednesday. However, Blackwell spokesman Carlo LoParo said the certification deadline was technical and that if the same-sex marriage amendment does not qualify, it will be removed from the ballot. "While candidates and issues can be removed from the ballot, they cannot be placed on the ballot after September 8," he said.


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