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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Police launch survey to target homophobic crime
Ben Townley, UK

Police in Kent are to launch a survey of homophobic crime and its victims, in a bid to make the area's LGBT community safer.

The survey will focus on the LGBT community in Canterbury and is being conducted by Kent Police's Public Safety Unit, who believe it may also help with the management of future funds.

In a statement today, they added that local services for LGBT people will also be improved as a consequence.
The idea for such a survey was initiated by the Safer Community Partnership, a group that includes the city and country's council, local health and volunteer groups, and the police force.


Bisexuality widely misunderstood
By Stephen Moles
Sex columnist

The bisexual is an elusive creature spied at drunken parties, group orgies and dark corners. These musings are a way of making sense out of the chaos surrounding the idea of bisexuals.

The term bisexual is misleading. Society at large believes this term means someone who likes both sexes equally. This assumption, which I also held for a long time, is not true. Most bisexuals lean one way or the other (most often towards members of the opposite sex).

Bisexual is also a term that covers a large range of sexual attitudes and postures.


will we have a court system left after the bush regime ????

Bill would bar courts from Pledge of Allegiance cases
By Philip Dine
Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - Two Missouri Republicans are leading a charge to strip the courts of the right to hear cases involving the Pledge of Allegiance, citing concerns that the phrase "under God" could be removed in the future unless Congress acts.


GOP Gay Group Has a Word for Bush: No
 By Patrick Guerriero, Patrick Guerriero is executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans.

Log Cabin Republicans have worked for almost three decades to build a stronger GOP that welcomes gay and lesbian Americans. Since 1993, when we opened our national office, we've endorsed both GOP candidates for president. But this year, despite our loyalty to the party of Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln, we have decided, after significant discussion, to withhold our endorsement of President Bush. It was a difficult choice, but our integrity requires it, and the Republican Party's future will be stronger because of it.

We continue to stand for fundamental Republican positions: low taxes, limited government and winning the war on terrorism. That's why we're Republicans. But we cannot stand idly by while some in the GOP use fear and intolerance to divide the United States in a culture war. Though such tactics may provide short-term political gain, they will put the Republican Party on the wrong side of history.


amika.. it brings out some of the best hate money can buy...

Debate over marriage initiative veers toward hate speech
By Rebecca Walsh
The Salt Lake Tribune

Cleaning up the "Defense of Marriage" leaflets scattered throughout her yard Tuesday morning irritated Lisa Petersen.

   But having to explain to her distraught 7-year-old daughter Zoe why a night vandal took the "No on 3" lawn sign and left the mess - scrawling "Save an Ass" on one flier - really irked the Salt Lake City attorney.

   "It wasn't just a political statement. It was something really mean and hurtful that I then had to explain to my little daughter," Petersen said. "It was pretty awful."

   With the proposed amendment to define traditional marriage on the Nov. 2 ballot, the perennial petty intrigue of stolen political signs has become something apparently more sinister: harassment and vandalism bordering on hate crimes, according to amendment foes.


Commissioners ponder HR group's request

City Commissioner John Cosgriff says the Fargo Human Relations Commission should not take taxpayer money to work for or against election issues.

The Human Relations Commission requested $5,000 from next year's city budget to pay for programs and educational activities aimed at supporting diversity, said Dan Mahli, an assistant city planner.


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