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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

France Starts Gay TV Channel
by John Leicester
The Associated Press

The transgender sportscaster wears a miniskirt, the porn is gay, lesbian and bisexual, and Wonder Woman will be on every night at seven.

France's first gay television channel, PinkTV, is an eye-opener. And that's the point. Pink's founders believe there's a ready audience for the channel, and not just among France's estimated 3.5 million gays.

Pink's "a giant leap for television, a small step in high heels," said presenter Eric Gueho in a promotional clip shown at the channel's unveiling Tuesday, which was feted with pink champagne. "Gays are speaking to the French. But not all French speak to gays. But it will come."


Older Gays Gain Clout
by Beth Shapiro Newscenter
New York Bureau

(New York City) The number of graying gays is growing and they're demanding to be recognized by companies trying to sell to them.

A report by research publisher Packaged Facts highlights the diversity within the gay and lesbian population – families, seniors, people of color – and shows a growing sophistication among gays. The report says that LGBT will reach $610 billion in 2005.

The report indicates that at least 2 million gays are approaching or have already reached retirement age. By 2020, some 5.7 million, or 25% of the gay community, will be 50 or older.

The report also projects that there are 1.8 million gay and lesbian households with children, and there are approximately 2.6 million children living with gay parents.


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