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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

this is what war gets you-

Wyoming AIDS Program Halts Accepting New Patients 
by The Associated Press

(Cheyenne, Wyoming) A program that helps HIV and AIDS patients in Wyoming with care and drug costs is running short of money and will stop accepting new patients after Thursday, officials said.

"We didn't feel we could continue to take people," said Kurt Galbraith, the HIV/AIDS coordinator for the Wyoming Department of Health.

The state program will maintain a waiting list for new applications received starting Oct. 1, but it is unknown when the program will be able to consider adding any new individuals, Galbraith said. There are 87 patients in the program now.

He said Thursday the overall cost of care, including everything from medications to laboratory tests, has gone up across the board.


GOP urges a vote on same-sex marriage ban
Some see it as effort to stress gay issues
Carolyn Lochhead, Chronicle Washington Bureau

Washington -- Republican leaders pressed for a House vote Thursday on a proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage they acknowledge will fail by a wide margin but will force members to vote on the issue less than five weeks before the election.

The vote appears part of a GOP effort to raise the pre-election profile of gay issues -- and to kill a popular hate-crimes measure that could land on President Bush's desk before Nov. 2 if it is allowed to proceed.

The Republican National Committee last week sent a mailing to voters in Arkansas and West Virginia -- both states that Bush narrowly carried in 2000 -- that suggests the Bible will be banned and same-sex marriage allowed if voters don't support the Republican ticket.

The mailing shows a picture of the Bible with the words "BANNED," accompanied by a picture of a male couple, one man kneeling and the other extending his hand wearing a wedding ring, with the words "ALLOWED."


DeMint aide rebuked for remark about gays
Operations director inadvertently sends e-mail with words ‘fag,’ ‘dike’
Staff Writer

The director of operations for Jim DeMint’s U.S. Senate campaign has been reprimanded for derogatory remarks she made about gays and lesbians in an errant e-mail.

Ginny Allen was admonished personally Monday by the Republican nominee, who promised in a letter of apology that she would be dealt with “according to office guidelines.”

Allen was not fired. Attempts to reach her for comment were unsuccessful Monday.

Lisa Hall, chairwoman of the Central Savannah River Area Rainbow Alliance, which works to raise awareness of gay and lesbian issues, in July invited both Senate campaigns to an Oct. 7 town hall meeting to discuss issues of interest to gay voters.


Keyes refuses to answer speculations concerning 19 year old daughter
By The Leader-Chicago Bureau

Even with knowledge of the internet storm brewing, Keyes stayed the course by criticizing his opponent Barack Obama's recent clarification that he was opposed to same sex marriages, but tolerant of civil unions and opposed to the Federal Marriage Amendment.CHICAGO -- At a Town Hall meeting Monday night on Chicago's Southside, the television, print and internet media almost outnumbered the black community members who came to hear Keyes emphasize the plight of the black community and answer audience issue questions at Chicago Southside's Israel Methodist Community Center.

But the press was anticipating that Ambassador Keyes would break news Monday night in response to web-related questions which began to appear over the weekend on gay blogs and gradually found their way onto Rich Miller's CapitolFax Monday morning.

Miller's daily newsletter alluded Monday to an expected revelation as to whether Alan Keyes' 19 year old daughter Maya and Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter Mary could have similar sexual proclivities.

Miller also was the first website to publish Republican political consultant Rod McCullough's controversial affidavit that contained statements concerning the ex-wife of Jack Ryan's allegations.


Gay Marriage Like 'A Deadly Virus'
by Newscenter Staff

(Madrid) In its strongest condemnation yet of Spanish government plans to legalize gay marriage the Roman Catholic Church said it was akin to releasing a "deadly virus" into Spanish society.

The cabinet of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero this week is expected approve the gay marriage legislation and send it directly to Parliament. 

A vote is expected early next month and the bill is expected to pass despite opposition from conservatives and the Church. Once it becomes law the first marriages could take place early next year. 

"This legislation is imposing a virus on society, something false that will have negative consequences for social life," declared Juan Antonio Martinez Camino, the official spokesperson  for the Spanish Bishops Conference.


Television ad campaign targets Kerry on same-sex marriage

A new television ad campaign running in Michigan and Pennsylvania accuses Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry of failing to preserve "traditional marriage." Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer announced the new ads on Monday as part of an effort to win votes for President Bush. Bauer's group, Americans United to Preserve Marriage, funded the ad buy with $500,000, he said. "Marriage in the United States must be preserved as the union of one man and one woman," Bauer said. "We believe it is important for the American people to know which candidates will defend traditional marriage."


Gay youth answer the call
Castro-based peer hot line seeing itself become nationwide resource
Rona Marech, Chronicle Staff Writer

It's 8 o'clock on a Wednesday night, and a college student from a Northeastern city wants to know if he's gay. He broke up with his girlfriend, he says. He blushes sometimes around other guys. He's confused.

Rose -- at least she calls herself Rose when she's working on the hot line for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth -- is sitting in front of a computer in a cramped, hot room plastered with "you are not alone" and "girls who like girls" posters.

"Sometimes it takes a long time to figure it out," says Rose, who's 21 and has short dark hair, a pierced chin and an air of unalloyed self- confidence the caller probably would envy. "It's different for everyone."


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