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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Transgender witch claims life ruined
By Kate Jones

A BATTLE between a transgender witch and a Christian councillor will unfold in the discrimination courts this week.
Olivia Watts is taking on Casey mayor Rob Wilson under Victoria's new religious vilification laws, claiming he incited hatred against her pagan religion when he outed her as a witch in a 2003 press release.

Entitled "Satanic Cult Out To Take Over Casey", Cr Wilson's statement called on local church leaders to hold a "day of prayer" to ward off occult forces.

The press release came amid a competitive council election in which both Ms Watts and Cr Wilson were candidates. He became mayor; she launched legal action with the Equal Opportunity Commission


Gay couples registry debuts
Miami Beach's new domestic partnership registry, hailed by gay rights activists for extending some rights to same-sex couples, takes effect Monday.

City employees are preparing for an influx of couples eager to be among the first to sign up for the city's new domestic partnership registry, which takes effect Monday.

The registry, which was unanimously approved by the commission on July 28, has been lauded by gay rights activists as the most expansive such registry in the state.

Any couple, Miami Beach residents or not, can come and formalize their relationship in the city and enjoy a range of legal rights, among them hospital visitation and emergency medical notification.

''We're expecting a large group of people to show up on Monday,'' said Assistant City Clerk Maria Martinez. ``There has been so much publicity on it that we had people calling our office for information even before the ordinance was passed.''


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