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Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Chicago Trans/GenderQueer Film/Video Festival
AUGUST 28, 2004

Calling all trans-activists*, women, queers, male feminists, media activists, intersexed hackers, radical educators, genderchangers, direct-actors, performance artists, anti-racists, mothers, documentarians, prop collectors, youth video collectives, squatters, fence-climbers, cyber-feminists**, urban farmers, prison abolitionists, women’s health-care providers, all-girl graffiti crews, resistant bodies and trespassers of all kinds !!!

PILOT TV is a hybrid activist convergence taking the form of a do-it-yourself television studio. We invite you to take part in 4 days and nights of participatory, creative problem-solving to rethink how we “stage” protest. Help us turn a three-story Chicago building into a fully functioning hollywood studio, replete with fantastical sets, collaborative crews, and improvised madness.

Stage a panel discussion as a talk show, lead a workshop as a cooking show, get behind a camera, sew a costume, party all night, or just show up and get involved in the conversation. PILOT will be an open-ended space for those of us involved in the global anticapitalist movement to come together in sweat-space, build momentum, and strategize our biopolitical resistance on (and off) camera.

As the last vestiges of public space, natural resources, and community-control are bought-off, our bodies will continue to be the final line in the struggle for autonomy. Join us at the PILOT laboratory for 4 days of fleshy resistance, aesthetic experiments and tactical performance! Trespass the corporate control of media with nomadic TV, pirate radio broadcasts, and guerrilla drive-in screenings! Enjoy parties, community meals, and do things on camera that you could never do legally in real life!

There are many different ways to participate during the weekend! Let us know what you are interested in doing so we can connect you to the people and resources you need to complete your project. Send us a full script, a drawing, or just a few sentence description. (The deadline for proposals has been extended to August 20th 2004!)


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