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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Belfast Gay Man Beaten By Skinhead

A 29-year-old gay man needed hospital treatment after being attacked in Belfast. The assault is the latest in a growing number of homophobic attacks on gay men in the city.

The victim needed five stitches to his eye after being struck in the face by a skinhead at around 2.30am on Glendermott Road in the Waterside area of Belfast.

Over the past year attacks on the gay community have risen by 60%. A few weeks ago another gay man was kicked and savagely bitten in the face in nearby Melrose Terrace.

To try and combat the problem gay groups have devised a range of measures to help local gay people defend themselves from attack.


People En Español le da una voz a la comunidad LGBT
take action >write now! > People En Español le da una voz a la comunidad LGBT
27 de julio de 2,004
Comuníquese con Mónica Taher: Directora de Medios de Comunicación
Teléfono: (323) 634-2025   Email:

Una vez más, People en Español se convierte en lo que es hoy por hoy la revista en español en los Estados Unidos que va a la vanguardia al cubrir asuntos con temática lésbica, gay, bisexual y transgénero (LGBT) en una forma seria, veraz y objetiva.

People en Español publicó en octubre del año pasado un perfil de la primera pareja en conllevar una unión civil en Buenos Aires, Argentina; así también como en su ejemplar de los 50 más Bellos, la revista hizo hincapié en una forma muy natural de que 3 de los escogidos erán gay y su perfil leía acerca de como ellos eran solteros y buscaban a la pareja ideal.

En el mes de junio la revista publicó un artículo acerca de los índices del suicidio en los jóvenes LGBT. Cabe recalcar que People en Español siempre se ha caracterizado por sus fotos en donde muchos artistas han aparecido apoyando causas para reunir fondos para contrarrestar el VIH/SIDA y causas LGBT.

Por ésto - y por lo que People en Español está por hacer: les decimos !GRACIAS!


Met to focus on homophobia in the media
Ben Townley, UK

The Metropolitan Police is launching a widespread investigation into allegations of homophobia in the public media, as a direct response to the ongoing campaign against anti-gay lyrics.

It is hoped that the investigation, which will result in a dossier presented to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) for approval, will ensure that all force areas are working to fight homophobia, UK learnt in a statement today.

The statement from the Met said that a broad range of allegations would be looked at for the investigation, as will the police response to the problem.

"Cases that will be included in the ACPO docket include a range of allegations of homophobia in the public media including websites, newspaper articles and radio," the statement said


Texas Schools: 'Sex Doesn't Include Condoms'

(Lewisville, Texas) The Lewisville, Texas school district is under fire for a high school health course on sex that makes no mention of condoms.

Preliminary approval has been given to four new textbooks that only discuss the importance of abstinence. Only one of the four makes a passing remark to condoms and even then the word condoms never appears. They are referred to as a '"barrier method'.

The course will not mention contraceptives or give widely recognized disease control information.

"We are facing a small core group of people on the far right who believe that we should not be giving kids complete information and we think that's dangerous," Dan Quinn, public affairs director for the Texas Freedom Network told the Lewisville Leader.


HUSBANDS NEVER GUESSED I WAS BORN A BOY(sic - not a boy but intersex)
By Jane Simon

ONLY her mother and younger brother know the truth. For most of her life Anna Taylor has lived with the secret that she was born a boy.

While Big Brother's Nadia merely kept the fact that she was a transsexual woman from her housemates, Anna hid the truth of her gender from the world.

Anna, 45, has been married twice and neither of her husbands knew - or even suspected - that she had been born a boy.

Now Anna has decided to share her amazing secret with The Daily Mirror.


Gay marriage ban wording stays
Effort to alter unclear ballot language fails
By Jim Siegel
Enquirer Columbus Bureau

COLUMBUS - The Ohio Ballot Board on Tuesday rejected an attempt to alter ballot wording of a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage.

The board, led by Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, voted 5-0 to place the two-sentence amendment on the November ballot as written, over objections from opponents who said impact of the language is unclear.

"The language as it's proposed, at best, is so ambiguous and so unclear that proponents have offered four or five explanations of what it means," said Alan Melamed, chairman of Ohioans Protecting the Constitution.

"We have to put before the citizens of this state an amendment with language they can understand."


Sex-change patient jailed; missed child support  
By Jason Riley
The Courier-Journal

Megan Edrington might be a woman trapped in a man's body, but to a Jefferson County, Ky., judge, she's simply a deadbeat dad.

Citing the fact that Edrington is more than $6,000 behind in child-support payments — even as she has spent thousands of dollars on a gender-change procedure — Family Court Judge Kevin Garvey sent Edrington to jail yesterday.

"I'm upset because you have put me in a position where I have to put you in jail," Garvey told Edrington yesterday.

"I don't like it; I don't want to do it."

Edrington, who legally changed her name from Craig to Megan, says she can't afford to make the $1,300 in monthly child-support payments because she hasn't been able to find work since losing her engineering job two years ago, after she began her transformation. Court records show more than a half-dozen rejection letters.

But Garvey had refused to reduce Edrington's child support payment, deciding in January that if Edrington could afford to begin the medical process to become a female, she could afford the full amount of child support.


Pressure rises for gay gov to quit

TRENTON, N.J. -- Gov. James E. McGreevey returned to the Statehouse this week hoping to get back to work after his stunning resignation announcement. He met with cabinet members and his homeland security advisers and took steps to hand over the reins of his administration to the new governor.

But the turmoil surrounding his resignation doesn't seem to be going away.

Republicans continue to demand that he leave office now, and state Democrats are looking to Sen. Jon Corzine as a possible candidate in a special election if McGreevey were to step down immediately.

Senate President Richard J. Codey, a Democrat who is to become acting governor when McGreevey leaves office, says McGreevey would not be pushed into stepping down before his chosen departure date.


Human Rights Watch:
Defends the rights of the LGBT communities

Nueva York, GLADD. -Aiming to permanently fight human rights violations due to sexual orientation or gender identity, Human Rights Watch has started a Human Rights Project for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered.

Human Rights Watch is a human rights organization that conducts researches and offers political recommendations. Through supervision, information and campaigns, Human Rights Watch has promoted fundamental human rights in more than 90 countries for 25 years.

While developing the project last March, Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, visited Cairo to release the report on the persecution of men suspected of having sexual relations with other men in Cairo. The report is titled “In A Time of Torture: The Assault on Justice in Egypt’s Crackdown on Homosexual Conduct”.

The Human Rights Project is developed under the supervision of Scott Long, who reported that Human Rights Watch has been lobbying extensively with the Egyptian government, as well as with European and American leaders in order to stop the arrests.

He added that during March and April this initiative was in Geneva, Switzerland, in the United Nations Human Rights Commission and in the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), along with other organizations from several countries promoted the participation and attendance of activists during these sessions, who spoke about the Commission’s sessions about abuses due to sexual orientation and gender identity.


Neo-Nazi activity in New Paltz raises concerns

NEW PALTZ, N.Y. Anti-racism groups in New Paltz are banding together to counter a rise in neo-Nazi activity in the Hudson Valley village where marriage ceremonies for gay couples have been performed.

New Paltz Mayor Jason West says "white power" graffiti has been found in the village and neo-Nazi literature has been distributed.

West says members of skinhead groups have been in the village this summer, resulting in confrontations with anti-racism activists.


County may add health benefit

Rockland County may expand its health insurance policy to include retired employees' domestic partners.

Lawmakers are considering legislation that would allow county-funded medical insurance to cover retirees' domestic partners, just as it does current employees' domestic partners.

The county began offering health insurance coverage to domestic partners of current county employees in February. Both same-sex and unmarried heterosexual couples are eligible.    

But the new legislation does not say if the expanded health insurance would be retroactive and cover partners of all retirees, or cover eligible employees who have retired since February.


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