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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Transsexual charges Soopers bias
By Kelly Pate Dwyer
Denver Post Staff Writer

Kim Dower has worked as a pharmacist at King Soopers in Denver for the past nine years. But Dower, biologically a man, is undergoing gender transformation and wants to wear women's clothes at work.

King Soopers' management won't allow it, said Dower, who on Friday filed a discrimination complaint against the Denver-based grocery chain.

"I want to see King Soopers change their policy so other people like me can't be discriminated against," said Dower, 50, who is recently separated and has two kids from a previous marriage. "I have struggled with this most my life."

Dower hired a lawyer and filed a complaint Friday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation Helps Launch the NY Pride Rowing Association

The Gay + Lesbian Rowing Federation (GLRF) helped local organizers launch and promote the New York Pride Rowing Association at the annual New York Pride Festival in Lower Manhattan Sunday, June 27th. Working out of the GLRF booth at the Festival, local rowers handed out brochures, took email lists, and demonstrated the sport on a rowing machine to interest both current and former rowers as well as those new to the sport.

According to organizers, New York Pride Rowing Association will be a community rowing club serving New York's gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community and their friends and supporters. Prior to its launch, the organization secured a berth as one of the first official affiliates for New York City's newly delivered Peter Jay Sharp floating boathouse. Learn to row classes are already underway and the first crews of the new club will hit the water on Tuesday evening, July 6th.

Located on the Harlem River in northeast Manhattan, the boathouse is sponsored by the New York Restoration Project, spearheaded by performer and community activist Bette Midler. The goal of the Project is to restore, develop and revitalize parks, community gardens and open space in some of New York City's most neglected neighborhoods. The boathouse will host both clubs and rowing programs, including juniors, collegiate, and masters (New York Pride Rowing, the Sharp Rowing Club, and Manhattan College are among the first affiliates). In return, their boathouse dues will help fund an outreach program targeting local community youth.

The idea for a gay rowing club came about through the efforts of Vincenzo Paparo, Chairman and Thomas P. Curry, Executive Director of the New York Rowing Association. Robert Bourguignon of the law firm Buchanan Ingersoll PC, acted as corporate counsel to New York Pride. The firm provides legal services to non-traditional families and unmarried couples. As part of its commitment to diversity and as a community service, the law firm decided to foster and support the creation of a New York City-based gay rowing club. Mr. Paparo, also a partner with the law firm Proskauer Rose, indicated that it was the public visibility of out gay and lesbian rowers, crews, and clubs around the nation that provided the inspiration for the endeavor.


LGBT History Month proposed by gay rights group
Ben Townley, UK

A campaign to launch a LGBT History Month to promote awareness and education about sexual diversity in the UK has received backing from mainstream groups and organisations.

The event, which would celebrate past, present and future LGBT experiences across the country, was originally suggested by the Schools Out group earlier this month, but has already received support from the government's Equalities Minister Jacqui Smith and international human rights group Amnesty International.

Schools Out said that the annual event would be based on the country's Black History Month, which acknowledged and celebrated a previously unseen history as well as the contribution made to modern society by Black people.

In a statement today, the group added that a celebratory month will be a chance for all sectors of the UK to discuss LGBT people, their impact on today's culture and the issues surrounding acceptance.


Second gay rights rally planned for 25 July
By Stacy Farrar

Following the success of the recent Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby rally at Sydney Town Hall, a second group has planned a rally on Sunday 25 July.

Community Action Against Homophobia group has called the Rally to encourage the Senate to consider the rights of same-sex couples.

A Senate inquiry into same-sex marriage and adoption is currently underway. Organizers hope the rally will raise awareness of the inquiry.

"The best submission for this Senate inquiry is another mass outing of the GLBIT community and its friends," organizer Kylie Moon said.


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