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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Sally’s Story
Sixteen years ago, Sayed Mursi went under the knife to become Sally, sparking a national debate on sex-change surgery.Today, as more and more children are born with genital defects, are we ready for round two?
By Azza Khattab

I don’t know what drew my attention first: The imposing giant of a woman with the flame-colored hair, or the gargantuan chocolate sundae she was attacking with such obvious delight. Whatever else you care to say about her, know this: Sally Mursi is a woman with one hell of an appetite.

“Good for you,” I blurt out with a smile. “It doesn’t show at all!”

Sally, I quickly discover, takes compliments — and questions, criticism, barbs and simple observations — with a roaring laugh that rocks you back in your seat.

“I know how to spoil myself rotten,” she says triumphantly, feisty and cynical to the core. “To hell with dieting! Give me a break! No sane woman could say ‘No’ to this! What’s a kilo or two? Stand in front of the mirror, shake your booty and POOF — they’re gone!”



A RADIO advert for a supermarket chain has been banned for using the word faggots.

It featured a husband complaining that his wife served up the same meals every week.

When she told him it was Friday so he was getting his usual faggots, he replied: 'I've nothing against faggots, I just don't fancy them.'

Three listeners complained to media watchdog Ofcom about the Somerfield advert, saying faggots suggested homosexuals.


NEA Republicans alter rules to oust their leader
By George Archibald

Republican delegates to the National Education Association's annual convention yesterday changed their caucus' rules in order to remove their chairwoman over her stance against homosexuality.

    A group of liberal Republicans from California and Texas joined forces to oust Diane Lenning, an Orange County, Calif., high school teacher, as chairwoman of the NEA Republican Educators Caucus.

    The Republican infighting came as the nation's largest school union overwhelmingly endorsed Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry, who is scheduled to speak to the assembly at 5 p.m. today.

    "It's unfortunate people have chosen this time to stage a liberal Republican coup," Mrs. Lenning said. "We could be recruiting new members and having a visual and verbal impact on the Representative Assembly floor when Kerry speaks."


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