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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Transgender protection approved
The Miami Beach City Commission passed an amendment that protects transgender people from discrimination, joining a fast-growing national trend toward such protections.

With dark kinky hair, thick makeup and a short red dress that just brushed the top of substantial -- and decidely masculine -- thighs, Rajée Narinesingh cut an unusual figure settling into a chair at the Miami Beach City Commission meeting on Wednesday.

Several people in the chambers stared.

Narinesingh, 37, who was born a man but now dresses, and feels, like a woman, is accustomed to the attention, and, on occasion, the smirks, that often accompany her entrance.

But now, there are a few key things the local activist won't have to tolerate, at least in Miami Beach: discrimination in realms such as housing, employment and public services.


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