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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Man changes sex to marry, faces social boycott :
Kolkata (IANS) :

A man who changed his sex to marry another man is facing social boycott and threats in a small West Bengal town where people are calling his sexuality "sinister".

Somnath Banerjee took a woman's name, Manabi, after he underwent an operation to change his sexual organs, but a section of the townspeople says he is corrupting young minds.

Banerjee, the head of the Bengali department of a college in Jhargram, a small conservative town about 150 km west of here, stunned his family and friends when he told them he was a transsexual and wanted to change to a woman.

Despite heavy odds, Banerjee, who prefers to be addressed in the feminine gender, underwent the sex change operation and became a woman.


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