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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Transgender golfer to play in men's tournament
Associated Press

FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- A golfer who was born a hermaphrodite was banned from a woman's tournament because her birth certificate lists her gender as male.

Instead, 40-year-old Danielle Swope will play in Saturday's qualifier for the Fort Wayne Men's City Tournament.

"I have respect for the men for at least giving me the opportunity to play. The women I don't have any respect for," Swope told The Journal Gazette for a story today.

Swope, who was born in Meridian, Miss., said she was born with both male and female reproductive organs and underwent gender-reassignment surgeries to become completely female.


Hastings Pride launched

A USEFUL guide addressing issues of need for gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people and service providers was launched in Port Macquarie on Friday night.

Hastings Council launched the guide with the support of the AIDS Council of NSW.

The council contracted ACON in 2002 to hold series of public meetings with the aim of identifying areas of need to be included in the new social plan.  

"As a result the GLBT advisory group was formed to work on the priority issue of education and awareness-raising within the GLBT and broader community," Maya Spannari of Hastings Council said.


Anti-gay bigotry

President Bush is a bigot.

That's tragic.

What's worse, however, is that he has chosen to insult Wisconsinites by expounding upon his bigotry in Wisconsin, which has a tradition of tolerance and common sense.
Bush identified himself as a bigot during this week's campaign swing through eastern Wisconsin, when he attempted to justify his support for the so-called "Federal Marriage Amendment" (FMA). The FMA would, for the first time since slavery days, use the Constitution to require discrimination against a group of America

In the case of the FMA, which the Senate effectively killed this week, the targeted group is made up of same-sex couples who seek to marry.
On the same day that the amendment was dying in the U.S. Senate, Bush was prancing around Wisconsin claiming that the amendment was needed in order to preserve "traditional marriage" and "stable families."


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