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Sunday, July 11, 2004

[lgbt-india] Euro Letter # 114

By  Tatjana Greif, SKUC-LL

The process of legalisation of same-sex unions in Slove-nia started
in 1997, when the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs
Republic of Slovenia decided to take legal steps for drafting a
bill. The LGBT nongovernmen-tal organizations were actively involved
in the process from the very beginning.

The first bill on registered partnerships was completed in 1998, but
any further procedure was blocked. The NGOs were unsatisfied with
the draft because of its limited scope and only two legal
consequences, the right and duty to support socially weaker partner
and the regulation of property relations between the partners, but
it didn't provide any social security rights.

In 2001 the legislative initiative in the field of same-sex unions
was renewed with the main goal to include social security rights
(the transfer of social and health insur-ance, and pension rights),
status of family members for the partners, inheritance rights, etc.

After many obstacles finally the new bill on same-sex un-ions was
completed in 2003, which includes all rights comparing to marriage,
apart from joint adoption rights. The Slovenian government adopted
the bill on April 22nd 2004, and it was than submitted to the
national parlia-ment in April 28th 2004. The bill is now awaiting
the par-liamentary discussion.

In the meantime several surveys measuring the interest of LGBT
citizens in Slovenia for the institute of legally rec-ognized same-
sex partnership were conducted, all of them showing a considerable
interest by the respondents. In 2001 and 2003 between 61% and 77 %
of interviewed LGBT would register their same sex partnership if it
were legally permitted.


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