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Friday, June 11, 2004

Transsexuals file suit against Sacramento sherriff, jail
4 claim beatings, rapes when jailers gave other prisoners access
By Tammye Nash Staff Writer

Four transsexual inmates and former inmates of the county jail in Sacramento, Calif., claim deputies stood by and allowed them to be raped and brutalized by other prisoners, according to a suit filed against the Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Lou Blanas.

The civil suits allege that jailers gave inmates access to the pre-operative male-to-female transsexuals, who were supposed to be kept separate from the general jail population. Although the women generally possess the physical characteristics typical of their gender, they have not had gender reassignment surgery.

Kelly McAllister, Jackie Tates, Raymond Sanders and America Tejada claimed jailers used them as sexual rewards for other inmates’ good behavior. They also said jailers intentionally allowed other inmates to have access to them, knowing the transgendered prisoners would be beaten and raped.

In addition, the four claim that jail officials violated policy by failing to house the transsexual inmates in separate facilities, denying them access to prescribed hormone medications and forcing them to walk bare-chested in front of male inmates.
The suits also claim the four were routinely subjected to verbal and psychological assaults from guards and other inmates.


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