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Friday, June 11, 2004

Canadians for Equal Marriage warn Harper will trounce equal rights

OTTAWA – June 10, 2004 – The outcome of the federal election will determine whether the rights of all Canadians will remain equal under the law, according to a coalition of equal rights supporters who rallied on Parliament Hill today.

Taking the microphone one after the other, members of the Canadians for Equal Marriage raised alarm bells that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives will turn back the clock by taking away the right of gays and lesbians.

Same sex couples and their supporters attended the public event – marking the first anniversary of equal marriage in Canada – to not only spread this message, but also celebrate the date with live music and cake.

Just this morning when speaking to reporters, Harper said he will not support the protection of gay and lesbian rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In contrast, Prime Minister Paul Martin has stated repeatedly that he will uphold the fundamental rights of all Canadians – including the right for sexual orientation to be protected.


Attack called a hate crime
By Toni Laxson, Tribune

Police are investigating the assault of a lesbian couple outside a Scottsdale nightclub as a hate crime, information Julie Melson said she was relieved to hear Thursday.

"I’m glad that they are going to do the right thing," said Melson, 38, who was attacked about 1 a.m. April 4 as she and Suzanne King left the Rogue Bar, 423 N. Scottsdale Road.

"Screaming slurs at someone while you are beating them is definitely a hate crime," she said.

She and King had been celebrating King’s 32nd birthday with several friends and were walking out of the bar when King was punched by a woman, Melson said.


Pro-life woman in war of words
Gay rights group attacks views
By Brendan McDaid

A WAR of words erupted today between an Ulster pro-life campaigner and gay rights activists.

Veteran pro-life and pro-family campaigner Jennifer Barber today dismissed the claims by gay rights activists that she was "homophobic" or that her views were similar to Nazi ideologies.

While defending her opposition to new legislation allowing gay civil partnerships, Mrs Barber said her views could not be compared to Nazi beliefs because "the Nazis were pro-gay".

She added that as a Christian she did not hate gay people.

She said: "Hate the sin and not the sinner."


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