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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Rep. Goguen's attempt to oust SJC justices stalls in committee
By Erik Arvidson Sentinel & Enterprise Statehouse Bureau

BOSTON -- Rep. Emile J. Goguen's proposal to remove the four Supreme Judicial Court justices who voted to make gay marriage legal remains stalled in committee and seems unlikely to be released any time soon.

"We are fighting diligently to get the bill out of the Rules Committee. Once we get it out of Rules, I think the Legislature will turn its back toward this resolution and start to talk about it and support it," said Goguen, a Fitchburg Democrat.

Goguen's proposal calls for the removal of associate justices John M. Greaney, Roderick L. Ireland, and Judith A. Cowin -- who joined Marshall in supporting gay marriages. The resolution appears to have little support in the Legislature.

Gov. Mitt Romney, who sought to have the court's opinion overturned, has indicated he won't support a legislative attempt to remove the SJC justices. The governor can remove a justice if he has the support of the Governor's Council.


Gay Commitments, Weddings & Protest In WeHo  
by Matt Johns Newscenter

(West Hollywood, California) More than 100 gay and lesbian couples tied the knot in West Hollywood Tuesday night in a mass ceremony conducted by mayor John Duran and seen around the world.

But, Duran wasn't emulating San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom who began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples earlier this year. The California Supreme Court put a halt to the weddings and the issue is now being fought in the courts.

West Hollywood's foray into gay marriage was purely symbolic even though the city supports marriages for same-sex couples.

"Although we do not yet have equal protection under the law, no government can prevent us from loving whom we choose." law," Duran said.


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