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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Transgender History On The March

In a groundbreaking event, the transgender community of San Francisco
will proudly step forward by taking the first marching steps of San
Francisco Pride Weekend. An unprecedented Trans March is scheduled to
be held Friday evening, June 25. The broad and diverse spectrum of
transgendered people will be assembling at Dolores Park at 7:00 PM and
will begin their march to Civic Center at 8:00 PM. Upon their arrival, there

will be a ceremony inaugurating the 1st annual Transr Altar to honor,
chronicle, and celebrate the struggles, the sacrifices and the
accomplishments of our community.

The gathering at Civic Center will be addressed by State Assemblyman
Mark Leno, San Francisco Police Commissioner Theresa Sparks, and other
notable community members and friends. Marchers are being encouraged to

bring significant and meaningful objects, pictures and writings to be
placed on the altar to be displayed for the duration of Pride weekend.

?What started off as a grass roots rally is turning into two historical

events?, says community activist Cecilia Chung, ?We have no idea who
the original organizers were for the march but we are committed to
creating a safe event for our community. It?s exciting to know that
there are others with the same vision and we are expecting a great turnout. We
also want to thank San Francisco Pride for giving the financial support

as well as an opportunity to create our own venue for the transgender
community. All we need now is to spread the words, recruit volunteers,
and ask community members and allies to bring something personal to
help build the altar.?

The Trans Altar is a project sponsored by San Francisco LGBT Pride
Celebration and will become a permanent art exhibit for future Pride
Celebrations here in San Francisco.

"The Pride Committee is excited to present the Trans Altar at our event

this year as a way to honor and celebrate the Transgender community in
all it's beauty and humanity. It provides Pride with a new, creative
way to fulfill our mission of mirroring the diversity and inclusivity
of the Celebration. The Altar, along with the Trans March, signals a new
level of visibility for the Transgender community and a new level of
growth for the LGBT community as a whole." says Joey Cain, current
President of San Francisco Pride.

Endorsers of the march include:

San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee
San Francisco LGBT Community Center
Remembering Our Dead Project
Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club
Youth Gender Project (YGP)
Transgender Law Center (TLC)
UCSF Transgender Resource and Neighborhood Space (TRANS)
San Francisco Transgender Empowerment, Advocacy & Mentorship (SF TEAM)

For more information contact:
phone: (415) 585-0545

Cecilia Chung


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