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Monday, June 14, 2004

'Girlfriend' too hot for Sena activists
Monday, 14 June , 2004, 15:10

Mumbai/Varanasi: A strong protest by members of Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena, a student wing of Shiv Sena, today forced theatre authorities to suspend screening of new release ‘Girlfriend’.

Nearly 100 BVS activists tore posters of the film, whose theme of lesbianism has invited the ire of moral police, and raised slogans against it, police said. The activists gathered outside "Premier" theatre in Dadar, central Mumbai, which is screening the movie, and forced the closure of the matinee show, they said. The theatre authorities were returning the viewers' money.

In Varanasi, activists of a breakaway group of Shiv Sena burnt posters and banners and staged protest demonstration in front of a cinema hall screening ‘Girlfriend’.

Several Kranti Shiv Sena activists gathered outside the Sajan theatre in Sigra locality of the city as soon as the noon show started and burnt posters and banners of the film, police said.


Gay Rights Activists Fight Constitutional Amendment

Hundreds of people turned out today in downtown Salt Lake City for the annual Gay pride day.

But besides a parade and rally, politics was a big part of the celebration.

It because this November, the issue of gay marriage will be on the ballot here in Utah.  

And both sides, those in favor and those opposed to same sex marriage are getting organized and spending a lot of money trying to win support.


Why Canadians must reject Harper: Canadian Women Speak Out

TORONTO, June 13 /CNW/ - On June 28, 2004, Canadians face a starker
choice than in any election in our lifetimes. Dissatisfaction with the years
of Liberal government is driving voters toward the so-called new "Conservative
Party" and its new leader, Stephen Harper. With only weeks to go until
election day, we fear many members of the public will not have time to
adequately assess the sharp and clear differences between the major parties.
In fact, the "Conservative Party" is not a known and trusted alternative.
The Right Honourable Joe Clark, former Prime Minister and a life-long member
of the Progressive Conservative Party, made it clear that he prefers Paul
Martin over Harper. The Harper agenda scares him. Many leading former
Progressive Conservatives feel the same. So do an increasing number of non-
partisan Canadians.
The party Harper leads has little in common with the former Progressive
Conservative Party. But there is a way that Canadians can learn more about
Harper's unknown party: We can look south, to George Bush and the U.S.
Republican Party.
Like the Bush Republicans, the Harper Conservatives would take Canada
into dangerous territory:


New guidelines over the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual partners over hospital visiting and involvement in treatment decisions
Posted By: News-Medical in Miscellaneous News

"When my partner was diagnosed with Alzheimers, it was a devastating blow. What made matters even worse was having staff in the home and other health professionals continually querying who I was. I had power of attorney and we took the decision to tell staff about our relationship, but that didn't stop them questioning whether I was the most appropriate person to make decisions about my partner's affairs."

Because Sam's experience is by no means unique, health unions have today launched guidelines aimed at ending the confusion and misunderstandings amongst many healthcare workers, over the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual partners over hospital visiting and involvement in treatment decisions.

The guidance compiled by UNISON and the Royal College of Nursing provides detailed information on how healthcare workers can give confidence to lesbian, gay and bisexual service users and has been endorsed by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, College of Occupational Therapists, Royal College of Midwives and the Society of Radiographers.

Karen Jennings Head of Health for UNISON said:

"This guide is not about giving special treatment, it's designed to make healthcare workers think about changes in our society and family structures and apply an understanding of cultural diversity when delivering health care.


Olympics' transgender quandary
Debate rages on the fairness of new inclusion rule
Rona Marech, Chronicle Staff Writer

Alyn Libman's figure-skating coach always used to say she skated like a boy. Over the course of a promising competitive career, Libman received the same message over and over -- she should tone down her aggressive style.

But Libman didn't want to change her style. Instead, she changed her gender.

Libman, 19, has taken male hormones since 2002 and now identifies as a male -- and he still skates. In the fall, the UC Berkeley sophomore plans to join the school's figure-skating club team. He's received permission from U.S. Figure Skating, the sport's governing body, to compete against other men.

As transgender people gradually gain acceptance, the sporting world has had to confront a tricky issue: How to include transgender athletes without creating a playing field that's not level.


Foothill fears gay bashing at same-sex marriage celebration
By pedro paulo viegas de sa

Foothill College will hold a wedding reception June 17 for an instructor and a student who married their same-sex partners in San Francisco -- despite concern about money usage and an anti-gay preacher.

Drama instructor Jay Manley and his longtime partner Vance Martin, as well as student Danielle Fontaine and Linda J. Crothers will be honored from noon to 2 p.m. at the Foothill Library Courtyard as part of the college's celebration of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Heritage Month.

"Gay people have been coming into the picture for some time, and it is time to accept this," said Jeffrey Ellis, co-chair of the GLBT Heritage Month planning committee. "Foothill will be the first campus to recognize[the San Francisco marriages]," he said.

In February, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom issued marriage licenses to more than 4,000 same-sex couples until a lawsuit was filed against the practice.


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