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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Civil Union divides caucus
By RUTH BERRY political reporter

The Government will introduce its Civil Union Bill next week, despite division within its own caucus.

And it is dismissing United Future leader Peter Dunne's suggestion that the bill might not survive its first reading.

The bill creates a new form of relationship for same-sex and de facto heterosexual couples by legalising and registering civil unions. It does not recognise "gay marriage".

Mr Dunne said yesterday that the Labour caucus was deeply divided over the bill, and he believed up to 20 of Labour's 52 MPs had misgivings.


Same-sex marriage controversy sets tone at state gay pride rally
Associated Press
MISSOULA - Same-sex marriage was Saturday's rallying cry as at least 200 people gathered for this year's gay and lesbian Montana Pride Celebration.

"Can a constitution stand, I ask you, that calls for queer apartheid?" asked University of Montana professor Casey Charles. He was one of several speakers to take issue with a proposed state constitutional amendment that would define marriage as being between a man and a woman.

State Rep. Christine Kaufmann, D-Helena, drew a comparison between fighting for same-sex marriage and the battle for recognition of racially mixed marriages. Kaufmann said California acknowledged marriage between blacks and whites in 1948, 19 years before the Supreme Court found that marriage is a civil right.

"Constitutions are meant to protect personal rights, not take them away," said Kaufmann, co-director of the Montana Human Rights Network.


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