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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Gay & lesbian school survey is a positive step - Enright

Schools have a duty of care to their students. Any information which helps to tackle bullying must be welcomed such as that obtained through the Mater Dei survey on issues affecting gay, lesbian and bisexual students, Fine Gael Education Spokesperson, Olwyn Enright TD said today (Tuesday).

"I have repeatedly called upon Minister Noel Dempsey to implement a national school bullying programme. Such a national programme should be mandatory in all schools, and should focus on key issues, including sexuality, which can be the focus of much of the bullying within the education sector.

"In this regard, I welcome the survey being undertaken by the Mater Dei Institute of Education. If we are to tackle bullying at school then the type of information that is being collated by Mater Dei is required. We can't tackle the problem unless we know the extent of it.

"This survey focuses on bullying, sexuality and HIV/Aids in schools, and asks for specific information on the incidence of verbal and physical bullying of students. I believe that school principals or senior teachers should complete the survey as they are in daily contact with their pupils, and may have a greater understanding of their needs and the bullying that they may face.


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