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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Democrats argue gay-marriage ban in Senate debate
Associated Press

SAVANNAH, Ga. - The two Democratic front-runners in the primary race to succeed Sen. Zell Miller clashed Tuesday on whether they would support an amendment to the Georgia constitution banning gay marriages.

U.S. Rep. Denise Majette said she would cast her ballot against the amendment to restrict marriages in Georgia to same-sex couples, a measure the state Legislature has approved for a statewide vote in November.

"We have never used the constitution in order to restrict people's rights, only to respect those rights," Majette said during a debate sponsored by the Georgia Municipal Association.

Businessman Cliff Oxford, considered Majette's chief opponent because he's spent more than $1 million of his own money running in the July 20 primary, was the sole Democrat among seven to say he would vote in favor of the ban.

"I support marriage between a man and a woman, and I intend to vote accordingly," Oxford said.


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