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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

 there is a SURVEY at this site:
"Should Rhode Island recognize same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts?"
fill it out now!!!

Mass. Gay Marriage Debate Shifts To Surrounding States
R.I., Conn. Likely To Face Legal Battles Over Recognition Of Unions

The Romney administration has demanded copies of all marriage applications issued to gay couples in Provincetown, Somerville, Springfield and Worcester -- four municipalities that openly defied the governor's residency requirement for same-sex marriages.

A day after cities and towns across the state granted the nation's first same-sex marriage licenses, Judy Goldberg, a top administration lawyer, called all four communities Tuesday to request immediate copies of the documents, perhaps signaling the next front in the legal battle over same-sex marriage.


Catholics vote with wallets on bishop's Communion ban
One prominent donor says he will withhold $100,000, but others double their contributions.
By Eric Gorski
Denver Post Staff Writer

A prominent donor to the Colorado Springs Roman Catholic Diocese is leading a charge to revoke large gifts to the diocese unless the bishop reverses his Communion clampdown on Catholic voters.   

In a scathing "open letter" to Bishop Michael Sheridan, Parker lawyer and businessman Ric Kethcart says Sheridan's stance hearkens back to McCarthyism and threatens his flock more than the clergy abuse scandal.


'The Truth' sets students' minds free

Performing a skit that involves a hate crime and homosexuality has taught Jenna Kallestad and her friends something about the world.

"It showed us a lot," said Kallestad, a ninth-grader at Cloquet High School. "We're doing a skit on people being closed-minded and ignorant, and they proved to us that that's exactly what people are."

Not all people, of course. But enough that the skit, created and performed by seven Cloquet High School freshmen, created a stir in the school before anyone had seen it performed.

"Some of the students would come up to us and give us Bible verses," said Brieanna Watters, 15, who plays Dahli, a lesbian who is murdered in the eight-minute skit.


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