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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Marriage amendment could be on ballot
News Observer staff While marriage is nearly as old as mankind, events recently have brought the previously-understood definition of marital union into question. A group of Arkansans is lobbying to settle the matter in this state through a change in the state constitution.

The Arkansas Marriage Amendment Committee is seeking to place an amendment on the November ballot defining marriage. Charles R. Noble and Greg and Bobette Callahan of Crossett are the Ashley County coordinators for the committee.

"The issues of gay and lesbian lifestyles are in the forefront of our concern," Noble said. "What is happening across the nation will effect what happens here in Crossett."

The committee is working to obtain the number of petition signatures legally-required to place the item on the general election ballot. Its stance is that there are judicial and legal as well as social and moral issues at stake.


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