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Thursday, May 13, 2004

HRC looking to get 500,000 signatures by May 17

The Human Rights Campaign is seeking to get 500,000 names on its Million For Marriage petition by May 17. The petition currently has 450,000 names.

In a letter to HRC supporters, HRC's Cheryl Jacques wrote, "In just 10 days, same-sex couples will be issued marriage licenses for the first time in Massachusetts. As the newlyweds celebrate their marriages, we know that our ultra-conservative opponents will use this historic moment to viciously attack them and all GLBT families."

Jacques urged everyone who supports marriage equality to not only sign the petition, but to urge other supporters to sign as well.

"Our voices - 500,000 loud and strong - will help counter the right-wing extremists' wave of fear and lies, and will give hope and support to the couples about to marry in Massachusetts," wrote Jacques.

Anti-gay marriage web site claims to have 1,288,493 signatures on their petition opposing marriage equality.

To sign the petition visit In addition, sign the petition at stating your opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment.


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